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For 25 years, PCS Edventures has inspired K-12 students to develop a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Whether you're teaching a conventional classroom, afterschool program, or at home, PCS Edventures has an enrichment solution to engage and excite students of all ages.

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BrickLab ™

Hear what educators say about BrickLab in this short video.

BrickLab from PCS Edventures is the perfect tool for academic enrichment in both the classroom and afterschool programs. BrickLab is an ideal solution for all genres of education. Students love learning with bricks, and this provides them a platform for creative and innovative thinking. Educators love BrickLab because there is accompanying curriculum with step-by-step building guides for a variety of subjects, and for students from K-6.

"The PCS Edventures materials, approach, and curriculum are amoung the best I have ever seen...this is the kind of program that helps to light the imagination of students..." 
-Birdie Buchanan ~ Program Director,Lockheed Martin
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